Belgian GP Preview

How painful was that mid-season break?

Four agonising weeks of not being able to follow the beautiful man-child soap opera that is Formula 1.
On the flipside, we’ve ensured that Lewis Hamilton hasn’t won a race in those four weeks so I don’t feel like throwing my beer at the TV like I have been every other Sunday evening.

But that’s all about to change, with F1 back in action this week with the amazing Belgian Grand Prix.


The track gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. The glorious Spa-Francorchamps (pronounced by most European F1 elitists as “spaaa-fruh-cuh-shuhs”) is widely regarded as the best track of the season by most seasoned F1 fans, and contains the infamous Eau Rouge corner which to this day, scares the absolute shit out of the current F1 grid. Eau Rouge is a quick left-right combo as you’re quickly ascending uphill that has a decent potential to flip your multi-million-dollar piece of carbon fibre off the track…ahh it’s glorious to see the best drivers in the world take it on.

Let’s face it – we’ll be seeing Mercedes at the pointy end of the grid as usual, but what I’m hoping for this weekend is a resurrection from some of the drivers that got a bit of hard luck leading into the summer break. Sometimes in F1 it’s the individual heroics that count, not simply winning the championship.

I’m talking about guys such as Daniil Kyvat who hasn’t had a smile on his face in months due to his demotion. I’m talking about Kevin Magnussen (endearingly known as K-Mag) who has a terrible car and is only barely beating his Briton of a teammate. And I’m talking about Sebastian Vettel who – despite moving to Ferrari in 2015 – has seen his former team overtake his beloved Ferrari team in merely the last few races.

I’m hoping these guys have used the break to properly reset, get their head back in the game and take on Belgium as their own, to get their confidence back up.

By now you should know the drill with the European races. In Saigon we have qualifying at 7PM Saturday, and the race at 7PM Sunday. Have a pint, get a hearty meal and let’s see how the back end of the season will pan out.

By Chris Salmon.


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